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(1) Simple Search: If you only want to do a search based on a string, click this button and enter your search query.

(2) Advanced Search: If you want more control over your search, you can specify criteria such as location, platform, or data parameters.

Advanced Search

In the Advanced Search screen, you will have many more options to get exactly the information you need. You may select multiple options from the same categories. To select multiple items from a list, please hold the CTRL key and click the options desired.

(3) Model Type: The data represents this type of model.

(4) Platform: The device used to collect the data.

(5) Organization/Agency: The group that is providing the information.

(6) Cost Structure: How much the article or information costs to attain.

(7) Data Type: How the data was obtained.

(8) Category: The type of data.

(9) Place: The location that the data covers.

(10) Data Parameter: What is being measured.

(11) Search Type: Match Exclusive means that all selected criteria must be met while Match Any means that only one of the selected criteria must be met.